ECIR 2020 will be an open online event!

The ongoing worldwide COVID-19 situation pushed ECIR 2020 organizers to make the conference an online event.

The venue, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, is now closed for students and visitors, and we are not allowed to run events/classes. Unfortunately, there is no fixed date for when these measures will end.

We had an outstanding response from the community as ECIR 2020 broke the barrier of 500 total of submissions (including workshops). We had a record number of registrants and amazing participation from industry and support from sponsors.

We, at the ECIR 2020 organizing committee, are committed to reward our amazing community and make ECIR 2020 fully available online and open. Current preparations are underway to allow paper presentations to be broadcasted by video conference, run discussion rooms, and make proceedings open access.

We are excited to support a larger number of participants, now that the entire community can get involved remotely. This extreme situation creates a new setting and opens several possibilities for the community to interact. You probably have plenty of ideas to make this a success and we welcome your suggestions. Please, send us your ideas: [email protected].

Authors will receive an email with further instructions regarding presentations. Non-author registrants will be partially refunded.

There are many outstanding issues and the situation is constantly changing, so bear with us! Many thanks!

The ECIR 2020 organizing committee.

I Head over to our FAQ page if you need more information.